15m Work Boats for the Aquaculture Industry

Published: 10. November 2022

Fosen Design & Solutions have designed a 15m work boat for the aquaculture industry and Fosen Yard in Rissa started cutting the steel for the first of a series on 21 September. For this production we utilize one of the production halls that only served as storage area and thus, a great way for us to make better use of this facility.

Frøy Challenger, converted from a platform supply vessel to a delousing vessel

Published: 29. September 2021

Frøy Challenger was converted from a platform supply vessel to a delousing vessel in the period April 2021 to September 2021.

Launching of the new Salmon Ocean seafarm AOF 1

Published: 4. September 2021

Launching of the new Salmon Ocean seafarm AOF 1, built by Fosen Seafarm Construction at the site at Fosen Yard Emden in two parts.

First offshore salmon cage (Cage A) completed for NRS

Published: 3. September 2021

Fosen Seafarm Construction has completed the first offshore salmon cage (Cage A) according to contract with Norway Royal Salmon (NRS)

Last half circle of NRS’ Sea Cage delivered from Fosen Yard Emden

Published: 22. August 2021

Picture shows last half circle on its way out of Fosen Yard Emden before heading towards Verdal, where its expected to arrive towards the end of next week and where sister Cage A is waiting

Commentary from Launching in Emden

Published: 10. May 2021

Commentary on German television about the towing of an offshore salmon cage for Norway Royal Salmon from Fosen Yard Emden, starting on May 7 and heading towards Verdal in Norway.

First half circle of the Offshore Salmon cage for Norway Royal Salmon

Published: 15. April 2021

The first half circle produced at Fosen Yard Emden passed today at 07.30 Kvithyll, on its way to Verdal for assembly and testing. / Grip Antarctic

Published: 18. March 2021

On 26 January 2021 Grip Antarctic was delivered from Fosen Yard to Aquaship, Kristiansund. The original design is by Atlantconsult Marine.

Published: 15. February 2021

The two live fish carriers have been lengthened by altogether 32 meters at Fosen Yard – see link to