The future’s aquaculture farming developed in Norway

With ground-breaking technology, Norway Royal Salmon will build fish farms dimensioned for rough weather areas at sea. The company has agreed with Fosen Yards on a contract for the construction of Arctic Offshore Farming.

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has allocated 5,990 tonnes of MTB to this project, which contributes to solving environmental and area challenges in the aquaculture industry. Arctic Offshore Farming is a semi-submersible offshore fish farm that is dimensioned for areas with rough seas. The concept consequently provides access to waters further from the coast. At the same time, the project opens up for closer collaboration between two important competence environments in Norway: Traditional aquaculture competence at Norway Royal Salmon and Norwegian offshore competence. The investment amount for Arctic Offshore Farming is around NOK 700 million and the contract with Fosen Yards is the largest single contract and amounts to just under 50% of the total investment amount.