Fosen Yard has secured contracts for three more Aquatraz pilot cages for salmon

MNH- Produksjon AS (daughter company of Midt-Norsk Havbruk) and Fosen Yard AS are delighted to confirm contracts for building three more Aquatraz pilot cages for salmon, to be built at Fosen Yard at Kvithylla I Trøndelag, Norway. The contact value is arpound NOK 120 million and the production of the first one is already underway.

The contract is a consequence of MNH-Produksjon obtaining four permits on 28 April 2017 to develop Aquatraz to a commercial cage for farming salmon. The Aquatraz cage is a semi-closed steel cage, developed by Seafarming Systems AS in Stavanger.

The pilot cage has a circumference of 160 m and is designed for being used in existing frame moorings. The first one will be delivered by Fosen Yard in May 2018.

Midt-Norsk Havbruk is very pleased that a local yard is competitive regarding price, quality and delivery time and look forward to co-operating with Fosen Yard.

Anders Straumsheim, CEO Fosen Yard, says: “We have worked with aim to become a supplier to the aquaculture industry for a long time and it is therefore a milestone and very gratifying to be chosen to supply the pilot cage to MNH-Produksjon AS. The contract will secure many workplaces at Kvithylla.”

Aquatraz pilotmerd

To be build at Fosen Yard | Designed by Seafaring Systems | Perimeter: 160 m | Depth: ca. 20 m

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For more information, please contact:


Steingrim Holm

Project Manager

Phone: +47 97 77 15 58


Arnar Utseth

Head of Operations

Phone: +47 97 16 48 63