FOSEN YARD AS has signed a contract for two kelp trawlers to Nutrimar AS

Nutrimar AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kverva, is now investing to develop a sustainable kelp industry. Along the coast of Norway, there are unique opportunities for harvesting and growing kelp and seaweed. For Nutrimar AS, which has been producing and selling marine ingredients for several years, the development of a kelp business in Central Norway is an important step forward for the company. “We have great faith that it will be possible to establish a sustainable kelp industry based in Central Norway,” says Brynjar Balstad, who is leading the initiative.

To ensure an efficient and secure supply of raw materials, Nutrimar AS has placed an order for two new kelp trawlers with Fosen Yard. “In Kverva, we are concerned with using regional forces where possible, as we then contribute to the development of the regional business community. Through the process of choosing shipyards, we have gained confidence that Fosen Yards is competitive in an international market. They also have both the expertise and resources to deliver modern boats that will contribute to developing a sustainable and future-oriented business “, says Bjørn Wiggen who is chairman of the board of Nutrimar. 

Anders Straumsheim, CEO at Fosen Yard says: «This emphasizes that our investment in the aquaculture industry has been both correct and important. It is therefore very gratifying that Nutrimar AS finally chose Fosen Yard as a construction workshop in a tough tender round, and not least that regional affiliation, flexibility and a broad competence base were important factors in the decision. The order will secure further jobs at Kvithylla, and we look forward to getting started».

For further information, please contact:

Brynjar Balstad, tlf. +47 400 06 040,  Nutrimar AS

Anders Straumsheim. tlf. +47 932 41 519, Fosen Yard AS