Fosen Nordseewerke GmbH

Press Release                                                                                                                  October 16th, 2018


Fosen Nordseewerke GmbH

The investment group around Deutsche Industrieanlagen and Patrick Hennings-Huep, previous owner of Nordseewerke Emden Shipyard, and Fosen Yard have entered into an agreement to establish Fosen Nordseewerke GmbH.

The joint company is taking over the ongoing business in Emden and forming an international shipbuilding group covering the complete value chain from design, engineering, hull construction, outfitting, commissioning and final delivery. The group will able to serve clients in all segments of shipbuilding.

Fosen Yard, established in 1918, has a proven track record with clients from building ships for the offshore-, ropax- and cruise ferry industry, based on the highest quality and latest technology. In the last few years, Fosen has also delivered several passenger ship conversions and refurbishments alongside constructions for the sea farming industry.

Nordseewerke has built more than 620 ships over the last century and has always been active in the areas of commercial, cruise- and navy vessels. It has retained its competencies in building and refitting and will bring this knowledge into the newly formed business.

The combined experience and resources of the partners will enable Fosen Nordseewerke to be a competitive player, offering cost efficient and tailormade solutions to its customers.

Fosen Nordseewerke will be able to serve customers in the passenger-, offshore- and Naval industry, and build ships based on own concept and designs or customer designs.

Patrick Hennings-Huep: “We are very happy to have partnered with Fosen, a very internationally minded partner with strong ties in the industry. The combination of design and shipbuilding competence will help to create more jobs at the new Fosen Nordseewerke GmbH and make the European map for shipbuilding more diverse.”

Anders Straumsheim, CEO of Fosen: “We are delighted to now being able to offer control of the full value chain solution to our current and potential clients again. The Fosen Nordseewerke and Fosen Yard will become a complete setup utilising the synergies and complementary skills and competences across both companies. I am looking very much forward to get to know the operations and employees at Fosen Norseewerke better, and to start working together with them building our common future.




Contact Person:

Anders Straumsheim

CEO, Fosen Nordseewerke GmbH

Phone: +47 93241519