Frøy Challenger

Published: 19. May 2022

Frøy Challenger was converted from a platform supply vessel to a delousing vessel in the period April 2021 to September 2021.
The vessel was originally named Skandi Texel, and was purchased by Frøy Akvaressurs to be utilized in the aquaculture industry.
After a successful conversion and testing period the vessel is currently on contract with one of the leading fish farming companies.
Frøy Challenger is currently the worlds largest delousing vessel.

The conversion done by Fosen Yard included:
• Project Management and procurement
• Detail Design and engineering of the conversion
• Hull modification for adaptation to delousing equipment
• Installation of Skamik Delousing and graders
• Installation of PG fish pumps, circulation pumps and hydraulics
• Installation Evotec Handling boom, cranes and winches and hydraulics
• Commissioning and testing at Yard