From 2006 Fosen Yard have once again put emphasis in providing Fosen Quality ships to ship owners in the offshore segment of the market, reintroducing the yard to a segment where the yard has not been present since 1983.

In 2006 and 2007 Fosen Yards signed contracts for the building and outfitting of 4 offshore vessels for Volstad Maritime in Ă…lesund, all designed by Skipsteknisk. So far a diving offshore vessel (YNo 76) and a multipurpose trencher/ROV survey vessel (YNo 78) have been delivered to the owner.  In addition a seismic vessel (YNo77) and another multipurpose trencher/ROV survey vessel (YNo 81) will be delivered in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

In 2007 Fosen Mekaniske Verksteder signed a contract for the outfitting of two hulls for BOA Offshore (YNo 79 & 80). Both vessels are seabed logging vessels (MT6007 design), using the new technology for seabed logging developed by emgs.